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Yu collection is a collection of fashion jewelry handmade in Toronto Canada by LAVISHY.
Since LAVISHY was established in 2001, we have always handmade jewelry from time to time for our own fun or for our two stores in Toronto, and often before the holiday season for close friends and family.
It is great pleasure to work with our own hands and see ideas turned into actual products.
While most of LAVISHY products were made in oversea studios in large quantity for wholesale to retail stores around the world are more maintream, LAVISHY team still love to create something unique and only appreciated by small group of people. For example, semi precious stone jewelry were never popular in any of our two stores in Toronto but we just love them so much. So you can see many of the pieces in this collection are made with nature stones and often they are just one or very few pieces available.
We hope you enjoy Yu collection as much as we make them. Your supports will enable us keep doing what we do: design and create unique and beautiful objects to make our lives more colorful and fun!
Thank you!

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97-216: Cherry blossom & butterfly embroidered medium wallet

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97-216: Cherry blossom & butterfly embroidered medium wallet

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