Online shopping for original, beautiful & affordable Eco-friendly vegan Embossed Large Wallet for women designed LAVISHY.

Made with Eco-friendly, cruelty free and durable vegan materials, these women's vegan embossed large wallets are practical for everyday use, fun way to express your fashion style and taste, also provide endless charming gift ideas for birthday, holiday and everyday.

These vegan embossed large wallets for women come in 2 styles: bi-fold button closure and zipper around closure. They feature lovely & charming emboss motifs of peony flower, chrysanthemum flower, cherry blossom flower, plum blossom flower, peacock, owl, swallow bird, sparrow, hummingbird, Paris Eiffel Tower and gold fish.

These embossed large vegan wallets for women are also available for wholesale to gift shops, clothing and fashion accessories boutiques, book stores, specialty retailers in Canada, USA and the rest of the world at since 2001.

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97-193: Sugar skull embroidered vegan large flat wallet

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97-193: Sugar skull embroidered vegan large flat wallet

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