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Online shopping for PETA approved vegan brand LAVISHY's Eco-friendly, cruelty free & ethically made embroidered vegan kiss lock frame coin purses with lovely embroidery motifs including flower, bird, butterfly, Moroccan pattern, Indian pattern, Polish pattern, Mexican pattern & more.

Starting from only US$4.99 and nothing is over US$15, with over 20 designs and up to 6 colors each designs to choose from, these vegan embroidery coin purses are fun, lovely and affordable for everyday use, travel or as lovely gift ideas for your family & friends especially for those who embrace vegan lifestyle.

These playful embroidery vegan coin purses are available for wholesale at for gift shops, clothing & fashion accessories boutiques, book stores, museum & botanical garden gift stores & specialty retailers in Canada, USA & the rest of the world since 2001.

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97-184: Moroccan pattern embroidered vegan large flat wallet

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97-184: Moroccan pattern embroidered vegan large flat wallet

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