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As a designer, Mlavi love to explore and share, get inspired and to inspired.

One of the web sites we visit a lot is Tumble. And during our visit, we discovered that people love to share beautiful photos with inspirational quotes. Inspired by this discovery, Mlavi designed Inspiration collection.

Combining good wordsmith and motivational psychology, some turns of Inspirational phrase are so powerful that they become mantras for generations. Live everyday with some of the greatest inspirational quotes that has been passed down from generation to generation. They help to keep us focused on our goals, putting things in perspective, guide us through life's up and down with grace and peace.

Mlavi's Inspiration collection offers whimsical beautiful vegan medium and small pouches/coin purses feature vintage style poetic photography prints with inspirational quotes. Great for everyday use or as gifts for family & friends. Wholesale available at for gift shops, fashion accessories & clothing boutiques, book stores in Canada, USA & worldwide.

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98-211: Peacock embroidered vegan large flat wallet

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98-211: Peacock embroidered vegan large flat wallet

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