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Swell collection is a fashion jewelry collection designed by PETA approved vegan brand LAVISHY. Swell collection features playful adjustable rings, earrings and necklaces inspired by retro objects from sewing machine, typewriter to boombox and mix tape.

Swell collection is available for wholesale and we ship worldwide to retailers and corporate volume buyers.

Wholesale order can be placed at www.lavishy.com and Swell collection look book is online at www.lavishy.com/lookbook/lavishy-swell-collection-look-book.htm

Swell Collection

77-001E: Button stud earrings


77-001N: Button necklace


77-002E: Scissors earrings


77-002N: Scissors necklace


77-003N: Sewing machine necklace


77-004N: Scooter necklace


77-005N: Bicycle necklace


77-006N: Train necklace


77-007N: Motorcycle necklace


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