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Many of Mlavi's designs were based on retailers' requests during the trade shows including this USA collection.
New York is the city we visited often in the world because the trade shows we participated and we friends we made over the years. They are just so many places to see and so much to discover and love in this amazing city. Our New York series is our love song to big apple. We are very honored that many designs from this collection were chosen and sold at some of the most iconic institutions' gift shops in this great city.
San Francisco is undoubtedly one of America’s great cities. From world-famous landmarks the Golden Gate Bridge to the Powell Street cable cars. Its rich history from 1840’s gold rush beginning to the post-war boom, the counter-culture movement of the 60’s and 70’s revolutionized The City once more, and the technology explosion of the early 90’s. San Francisco has a palpable atmosphere of history-in-the-making unlike any other American city. Our San Francisco series is our tribute to this magic city.
We fell in love with Seattle the first time we visited this lovely city and the love affair never ends. From the enchanting weather (yes, we love the rain of Seattle) to beautiful landscape, from friendly people to laid-back atmosphere. We can't wait to visit this charming city again. Our Seattle series is our effort to capture the charm of this beautiful city.
As we participated a lot of trade shows in New York, we met a lot of retailers from New England region and made a lot of friends from there. We designed New England series to celebrate this great place and their wonderful people. (Two of our favor actress Bette Davis and Katharine Hepburn were both from this region. In New York Time's obituary for Bette Davis, Albin Krebs wrote: Few in the entertainment industry could deny that Bette Davis possessed all the legendary indestructibility of the New England Yankee that she was.)                       
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98-204: Fox mama & baby embroidered vegan large flat wallet

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98-204: Fox mama & baby embroidered vegan large flat wallet

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