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I have a confession to make

I have a confession to make

Dear you,

I have a confession to make today.

Early this afternoon I got a phone call, someone with heavy Indian accent was talking but I just could not figure out what he was saying. I almost hung up on him!

Thank heaven I did not! (I practiced meditation this morning so I was unusually patient the most of the day.)

We got a lot of soliciting phone calls from Indian day in and day out and some of them were just scanners who do give up even so we told them not to call. That's the reason I jumped to the conclusion that he was one of these callers.

It turned out it was a wholesale customer called to give us information to pay his order.
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After 5 p.m. I was the only one left in the office so I could listen to some talk shows on Youtube. I found TimesTalks The Women of "The Good Fight" They played a clip of Lucca Quinn (played brilliantly by English actress and writer Cush Jumbo) was out to the park with her son then was mistaken as nanny instead of the mother of her fair skin baby. It was quit comedic until the actress revealed that in her real life the similar incidents happened to her twice--this talented and beautiful half white half Nigerian actress has a baby boy with her Caucasian British husband who is light color.

She was tearful and I was shocked.

I felt so bad for her as I like her a great deal.

In just few seconds, I realized there is so much I can and should improve as a human being.

I try to practice Yoga every morning if I can manage. I understand the meaning of Namaste--the word I say at the end of the practice. It means: I am paying obeisance to the soul in the other. It's believed that when a person greets another with the feeling that "I am paying obeisance to the soul in the other" then a ring of spiritual emotion is created within him or her. Namaste creates vibrations to the one receiving the gesture. It creates a loop of bliss to pass positive energy unto the one receiving the gesture.

Relationship is give and take. Being patient, being kind to others is the basic to be a respectable human being as far as I concern.

It's Friday and I have to run now to meet a friend for dinner.

I wish you a great weekend and meet people kind and patient every step you move.

I will try to do better and be better.

Do watch the show, it is simply inspiring and entertaining!


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