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Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

Dear you,

I hope wherever you are, you enjoy the same amazingly beautiful weather we are having now here in Toronto Canada.
It has been a challenging year as far as weather concern. Our friends that own and operate clothing boutiques complained about how cold Spring gave them really hard time to sell the seasonal clothes they ordered for their store. I complained many many times about the past cold Spring too.
So when there is a long weekend and the weather is heavenly, we are very happy to go out to celebrate. Yesterday we visited Oakville Ontario Canada. I was completely amazed by how charmingly beautiful this town is. It is like a movie set!
At night, we watched several movies back to back as our little Film festival at home--I often go to Toronto Public Library to borrow several DVDs and watch at home.
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Last night we watched Eleanor Coppola's feature film debut Paris can wait that staring fantastic Diane Lane and charming Arnaud Viard. Eleanor Coppola made this movie when she was 78 years old and it was based on her own story when she was young.
I have a habit of checking out a moive's box office when I really like it yet worried it might not make money for the people who produce and invest in it. I was really shocked to see that its worldwide box office grosses is only $8.9 million which I am quit sure they loose money. The first reaction I had was: only if they chose better poster. I am sorry to say the movie's poster/ DVD box cover did not inspire any interest for me if I did not watch a preview promo when I was watching another DVD. But I did notice their reviews were not great while I was searching more information about this movie. It got
5.8/10 on imdb, 45% from Rottentomatoes, 39% from Audience Score. The review was: Paris Can Wait's likable stars are ill-served by a film that lacks interesting ideas or characters and has little to offer beyond striking travelogue visuals.
At least they agreed with me about the two leading stars. Diane Lane has her ease and grace while Arnaud Viard is very charming as far as I concern. But I think it actually has very interesting story and complex characters.
This made me wonder maybe my taste is just so very different from the mass market which is not a good thing as I am managing a store that will greatly benefits from knowing the mass market interests.
Two weeks ago, I discovered Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool staring my favor actors
Annette Bening and Jamie Bell. It also made me a little bit sad that its box office was only 3.4 million! (We used to have two brick and mortar stores and I know how hard it is to work hard but to loose money. It left me a habit to whisper Good luck when I walk pass a newly opened retail shop everywhere I go. It also gave me great appreciation for every single order we get at our online store--you have no idea how much your business and kindness has been appreciated.) But it does not change a single bit of how much I love this movie and adore Bening who I think is one of the most graceful actress alive. And I love her performance in Danny Collins. Check it out if you have time.
For example, among all our designs from Canada collection, my personal favor is the blue jay while moose and bear out sold this design at least 10 times. And actually if I could choose (which we did not have), I would love a Cardinal bird design the most--because I saw blue jay only once and from far yet I hear Cardinal bird's beautiful singing everyday since the first day of Spring and see they every so often. It is important part of my life here in Toronto. They make me happy.
What is your personal favor movie or birds or anything that is not commonly celebrated?
Let me know.
Have a wonderful summer and enjoy the day!
p.s. The lovely perfume from the pink peony flowers all around our house just make me so happy!

Love, joy and peace to us all!


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